Photographic Art by Buck Campbell

Buck Campbell is a master of Photography and Digital Art.

   He first came to international attention and prominence as a photographer in 1983, with his ballet poster series published by Arthur Kaplan. The most memorable image of this series was a photo of a dancer's foot in point with perfect arch.

As a fledgling photographer he sought out one of the most famous ballet schools in Paris and struck up a friendship with the owner Madame Yvonne Goube (now invited by the Paris Opera to teach future ballet teachers their protocol.)  She taught him the nuances in ballet technique and gave him full access to the school, which amounted to the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

Buck says; "With the coming into being of the digital age, for the first time there is complete control over the final image. The refinements in color, contrast, and density are incredibly precise. but even these are minute when compared to all the possibilities in the digital universe.

"Picasso once said that often the intensity of his work became so great that "something else takes over, which leads you to a conclusion beyond your initial approach to the work." The computer allows me the time for this kind of creativity.  In the end, the Beatles used their recording studio as an instrument, giving them this kind of extra post facto creativity, much like what I do with an image after it has been recorded on film."

In addition to his Ballet Series, Buck's work has appeared in:
Kodak Books, The Joy of Photography, Photographic Filters (intro shot).
Encyclopedia Britannica ( Christmas in Austria ).
Fashion for Anne Klein, South Beach Magazine.

He has had wide exposure and sales with the Freelance Photography Guild, New York, and his prints are sold in galleries in England and the United States.

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