Fibrocystic Breast Disease

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In recent days, women are beginning to be diagnosed more regularly with fibrocystic breast condition or fibrocystic breast disease. It has been confirmed over and over, early diagnosis is the best possible defense, and therefore timely diagnosis of fibrocystic breast disorder may help a doctor address a highly serious illness by addressing the prelude. So rather than taking the traditional "wait and see" attitude, the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques together with supplementation might offer a more definitive path.

As women learn more about this, they are starting to ask the question, "What is fibrocystic breast disease?"

Some of the common breast pain symptoms include cyclic breast pain, tenderness, lumps and nipple discharge. Only a physician may be able to properly diagnose the extent of these, but regular self-examination of the texture of the breast by the woman taking the above symptoms into consideration can also help in the early detection of fibrocystic breast disease. Early detection of this disease, should there be a connection between fibroid cysts and breast cancer, essentially translates into a higher number of breast cancer treatment options.

Fibrocystic breast pain does not inevitably lead to breast cancer. In most cases, after a menstrual period you may self-examine your breasts and find that the symptoms of lumpiness and tenderness have greatly diminished. It is often quite common for women to have some breast pain just before and during menstruation. However, the level of any pain is relative, and some women who practice a holistic lifestyle will insist that they are never bothered by these annoyances.

If you are consistently having these sorts of issues with your breasts, to answer your questions and concerns on this matter we recommend you visit a qualified doctor who practices natural healing and specializes in healthy breast care, in order to discuss treatment for fibrocystic breast disease. Through the application of Chinese medical techniques the fibrocystic breast disease treatment is often carried out after a deep look into the patient's history followed by a thorough examination.

In traditional Western medicine, diagnostic tools such as ultrasounds and mammograms may be used to diagnose the several kinds of breast problems. In an Eastern holistic practice, these techniques that can upset the body's natural energy are augmented by more natural and non-invasive methods such as pulse and tongue evaluation and breast thermography.

In Western medicine, the treatment of fibrocystic breast disease is often addressed with symptomatic treatments. Some women may avoid caffeine or stick to a low salt diet, some may take aspirin. Some women may find vitamin E helpful, and some with irregular periods may use contraceptives. The gynecologist or family doctor may even take this opportunity to suggest to you how you could target breast cancer prevention.

However, in Eastern medicine the focus is not to treat the symptom but rather the underlying root cause, so once this breast problem is detected at even the most minute level fibrocystic breast disease treatment can be carried out by a specialist, and it should be carried out at a health center that focuses on natural healthy breast treatments. A fibrocystic breast disease treatment carried out at a wellness center that specializes in breast health is likely to deliver results that you may never have thought possible.

Dr. Walter Campbell, a China-trained Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has been focusing particularly on the possible link between fibrocystic breast disease and cancer and available traditional and alternative fibrocystic breast treatments. If you feel you need such a consultation, we suggest that you contact him for a professional evaluation of your symptoms.

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