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Herbal Pearl Soap:
Personal Care-Hair Renewal

Experience the joy of premium, all-natural handcrafted soaps and oils that replenish vital energy and rejuvenate the skin, scalp and hair. 


  • Handcrafted from natural ingredients

  • Natural emollients leave skin smooth and elastic

  • Vegetable and fruit oils produce a rich lather and gentle cleansing

  • Chinese herbs promote health, and natural oils keep the skin supple

  • Contains no artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives

  • No synthetic detergents

  • Our unique Chinese botanical ingredients are the catalysts for our revolutionary and powerful products


See the Difference!

Look at these REAL Examples of REAL Customers Using our Hair Renew Soap

About Herbal Pearl Soap

Herbal Pearl is a unique cosmeceutical product for skin and hair care, enriched with healing Chinese herbs and natural oils. To facilitate its effectiveness, it is delivered as a premium handmade soap.

It cleans gently, revitalizing the skin and hair, replenishing vital energy as it invigorates the body and leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky.

It is equally pleasurable when used on the face and hands or in the bath or shower, and may also be used in place of shaving foams or gels.

All-natural Herbal Pearl produces a rich lather for gentle and effective cleansing without using synthetic detergents or artificial fragrances and preservatives. No artificial dyes are used, allowing the deep, rich color of all the natural extracts and emollients to come through.


Herbs and Oils:

Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, essential oils of Sweet Orange, Clove, Lemongrass, Lavender, Myrrh, Rosemary and Patchouli.

Coconut Oil - A basic ingredient in each batch of our soap, it contributes to a hard bar of soap with a wonderful, fluffy lather and does not clog pores.

Olive Oil - A major ingredient in handmade soap, olive oil produces a conditioning, moisturizing and mild bar of soap.

Patchouli - Earthy and exotic, Patchouli is said to reduce fluid retention and tighten saggy skin, and also regulates the oiliness of skin. Patchouli can be found in many natural bug repellants and also acts as a deodorant. It is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent.

Rosemary - Used to relieve muscular pain, poor circulation, rheumatism, colds and flu. Said to promote mental clarity and refresh and stimulate a sluggish body. Strengthens and uplifts. Note: This herb should be avoided by pregnant women, epileptics and those with high blood pressure.

He Shou Wu - Nourishes the blood and eliminates toxins, stimulates follicles for the regrowth of hair and restoration of natural color. (More from 813 A.D.)


Chinese Herbs:

Huang Qi – Replenishes the Qi (vital energy)


San Qi – Eliminates blood stasis.


Bai Hua She She Cao – Neutralizes toxins.


Han Lian Cao – Considered to be the best remedy for the hair, also used as a rejuvenative and

liver tonic.


Si Gua Luo – MIld exfoliant, removes dead skin, invigorates blood circulation.

Dang Gui – Contains phytochemicals that help boost white blood cell production and fight inflammation.


He Shou Wu – Nourishes the blood and eliminates toxins.


Zhen Zhu Mu – Crushed mother of pearl. Promotes healing and reduces itching of the skin. This is also known as conchiolin powder - Conchiolin is a unique pearl protein that acts like keratin, one of the fibrous proteins (collagen) found in skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, hair, etc. Conchiolin is known to have the ability to hydrate skin cells, promote skin cell metabolism, facilitate repair of damaged skin cells, and enhance peripheral circulation. In addition to conchiolin, pearl powder contains dozens of amino acids and minerals, which also play an important role in various cellular activities, maintaining normal physiology, and repairing and constructing cells and tissues. In studies conducted at the Institute of Endocrinology at Zhejing Medical University in China, powdered sea pearl, mother-of-pearl, and freshwater pearl demonstrated systemic anti-aging and tonic actions. Other clinical studies in Japan and France have shown pearl powder to increase bone density and even aid in bone formation.


The ingredients in Herbal Pearl are all natural, and all of the materials used for packaging are reusable, recyclable and fully biodegradable.


These statements are for informational purposes only, and are not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician or other healthcare practitioner. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any herbal program or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. Purchasing products made by or from Herbal Pearl constitutes consumer acceptance of the terms of this notice.

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