Patient A

Patient A's Log (9 months) - Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa in 1981, started Dr. Campbell's protocol in January 2016

In mid-January I decided to give Dr. Campbell's Retinitis Pigmentosa treatment a try. I have had several visits, going once a week. I have had excellent results and wanted to share. My treatment consists of daily homeopathic eye drops as well as castor oil with Chinese herbs daily in eye drops. Also, various eye exercises daily. Following is my vision log of the specific changes I have been having. It is very encouraging to me and I now have a very different outlook on my life for the better.

"I have had excellent results ..."


I started going to Dr. Buck on 1.14.16 and started a regimen of homeopathic eye drops, castor oil with herb eye drops, changed my Armour from 30 mg every other day to 15 mg daily, one drop iodine daily, 400 mcg of Selinium, Optic Plus which has Vitamin A, fish oil DHA 400 although I was previously told to do 6600 mg, probiotic, D3 and my Chinese herbs from Dr. Clark. I have been under Dr. Clark's care for 1.5 years.

We did not do the 4-day regimen we planned for homeopathic injections as I was having a severe allergy attack so he started me on a nasal formula and to inhale something for mold through a diffuser. I also started drinking 2-4 cups of beef soup bone broth.

Throughout the week I changed my attitude and started trying to see again as I had pretty much given up. I tried to use my credit card in the swiper and got help but at least I am trying.

I went for my second session on 1.19.16. During this session, Dr. Buck placed needles in several points and had me work on my vision fields with my finger. Also, we looked at a black and white picture.

When I went home I set up my bed with a lamp for optimal light to work with my finger to increase my visual fields the way he taught me. I went to put on my PJ and the top I wear which I thought was black, when I looked closely I saw it was navy. I was so excited. I also looked in the mirror and could see more detail of my hair being frizzy and I also saw my eyes partially and they looked so round.

I feel like in general I am seeing things better. In my blind spots with my finger episode I now see a shadow as opposed to nothing.

"... when I looked closely I saw it was navy. I was so excited. "


Yesterday I had my injections for the first time. I felt when I went for my walk I saw colors of t-shirts jump out more at me. I saw someone wearing a yellow t-shirt and another person wearing blue and another red.

And today when I grabbed a shirt of mine it looked like a brighter shade of pink. In general the days look a bit brighter and that makes me happier. I also catch notice of the gem that is on my ring finger.

In the Mozart exercise today the colors were definitely more vivid and I saw many more colors. I am also changing how close I get to the monitor and how far but for sure I am starting to see more layers of colors. Where I used to see black and white in a frame I saw there were blue designs in the background.

I am paying way more attention to what I can see rather than what I cannot see and that shift is huge.

"I am starting to see more layers of colors."


I went to take my dog down to the bathroom and I looked at the building to my right and for the first time I saw the building column is blue in contrast to the brown of the building.


Today I saw the outline of a building across from me. I could see the white trimming more clearly and I saw more of the shape of the one cloud in the sky. I also watched the super bowl half time show and I could see some of the dancing moves and I saw colorful umbrellas.

I am actually looking to see what I can see and enjoy. I am very inspired and look forward to each new day to see what more I can see. Also, my youtube Mozart I am seeing more colors and shades.


There has been tremendous change since my injections yesterday. I noticed when I put on my winter hat I could see my hat in my peripheral vision. It is the kind that goes down around your ears.

I also noticed when I was doing my night exercises with my finger that I could see it in my central vision and only at one finger width was it hard to see it. It used to be about 4 finger widths at this distance.

I put down a playing card and I saw there was a card but could not read any print. I also noticed when I put my cell phone in that area I saw it blurry but there. The day before it was like looking through grease but now in that area it is much more distinguishable.

Also, tonight when I was playing the guitar I noticed my fingers playing while before now I have never been able to see my fingers doing anything. I even caught a little bit in my periphery when I was looking down. This is blowing me away.

"There has been tremendous change ... This is blowing me away."


Today I was riding my current favorite horse, Candy. I thought I saw grass on her head between her ears and went to push it away. It turns out it was her forelock. I asked and they said her mane is umber, and the hairs are darker at the roots and lighter at the tips. This was exciting.


I went for a walk today and played a game of watching cars pass by and seeing how they used to completely disappear in my central vision and now although not detailed and very very unclear I know something is there and then I watch it reappear.


Yesterday I was talking to a woman who was sitting on the floor while I was sitting on a chair and I saw her smile. Also, I was talking to a young man and I caught his smile. I saw a bunch of perfect teeth and it was wonderful to relate better to the conversation ...normally I would never have known that non-verbal communication and it felt great.

"I would never have known that non-verbal communication and it felt great.."


Today I was looking in the mirror and I could see my teeth and the more I moved my mouth I could see both my lips and tongue. Not super detailed but I definitely know what they are. I needed to tilt my head but in various head positions I could see my smile. I look like a jack-o-lantern.


I was sitting at the beach today and I saw something large and white in what seemed to be the shape of a triangle. I think I was able to see a super large sail boat. Also, on the walk over I saw some yellow spots in the bush which I deduced must be yellow flowers.
In another area I was walking by with a friend and I caught sight of something bright pink and he confirmed it was a plant with pink in it.


I have been doing the video exercise. It seems like I am seeing more lavender and purples this week.


I feel like I'm just more in my field. Not sure specifically what but I will get back with you. I also can tell things are just whiter.


I notice when I look in the mirror I see my nostril and the crease of where my nose is along with the side of my smile all at one time. And I was walking by a bush and I could see it was a lighter green and not quite detailed but more clearly.


The biggest thing I have noticed is when I am writing with my CCTV I usually have to turn my head in order to find the tip of the pen on the screen so I can find the line I am going to write on, and yesterday for the first time I noticed I barely had to adjust my head and I saw the tip of the pen on the screen and the line to write on with much less effort.
Another thing I noticed is that colors are brighter. For instance, the dividers that are chest level cylinders by the elevators are bright yellow and the walls by the elevator are either fluorescent green or orange and it has been a long time since I have noticed things like this.

In my youtube video I am noticing more yellow and pink in some of the frames. Also, I remember when I had more vision things were very distorted like misaligned and I have not noticed that happening and I hope that continues. I also am picking up more what color shirt someone is wearing such as pink and lately picking up red better on people's t-shirts and in the video as well.

"... yesterday for the first time I noticed I barely had to adjust my head"


This morning I looked in the mirror and I could just see more of me at one time. I also looked at my closet door which was opened and I could see different shades of color clothing. Also, in my shower I saw the line of tiles that have a print on them. The print was not detailed but I saw a difference from the non-printed tile. Then when I went outside I looked at the building across the way and I saw the contrast of stark rectangles which must be the doors and windows on the building.


Today I looked out at the buildings across the street and I saw a big white box on the blue part of the building that I never saw before and I asked and they said it said "300". Also, as I passed my front door I saw the apartment number.


I looked across at the building today and I finally saw the satellite dish next to the three air conditioner units at the top of the building. I have to scan to find it and it helps to have my sunglasses on. Then I went to the back courtyard and I saw things all over the grass and I touched one to see what it was and they were leaves.


  • At lunch I was talking to people outside with good lighting and when they smiled it caught my attention. I was able to see people's smiles.
  • On my building I was able to see the building #2333B from the sidewalk
  • When driving I was looking at the names of stores and saw there were names but not clear enough to read.
  • Things are just brighter in general.
  • I am able to see more in the dark in my house. I see it is darker in a doorway than by the wall and possible outlines and silhouettes of the rug on the floor and furniture in the living room.
  • I can see the number 300 on the building across the street when driving in a car on the street but not yet from the sidewalk
  • I see more detail on the building across my parking lot. Along the sides it looks like windows.
  • From the car I saw a sign that said C V S and it was red.
  • From the car I saw the first half of the word Publix.
  • At lunch I can see the waitress's face as lighter than just a dark silhouette.
  • In the kitchen I saw Shelly's eyes from the right eye with more detail than with the left eye. They had darker eyebrows.
  • When looking at the computer screen I am seeing the distortion I haven't seen in 6 or 7 years, where one portion of the screen looks about an inch higher than the other.
  • I see the stripes more clearly on the transportation cars that pick me up, which are orange and blue.
  • "I am able to see more in the dark in my house." "... I am seeing distortion I haven't seen in 6 or 7 years"
    4.19.16 I was walking today and looked up at a tall building and I saw something on top of it I had never seen before. Things look clearer and brighter in general. I feel like I am seeing movement a little better through the cataract area. Not detail or anything like that, but a layer more clearly through the blurriness.
    4.20.16 I had a quick treatment today and I feel like things are even a bit clearer. Hard to get specific but I am catching movement a little bit.
    4.22.16 This morning I was wondering where my black rubber band was and I looked on the white tile and I saw it in the bathroom. Also, I looked in my toiletry case to find the hot pink cap to my toothbrush and I saw it through the plastic to grab it. Also, I am wondering if where my cataracts in the central vision are is also where there are blind spots. Since last night I am noticing when I am in bright lighting I see my hand from the right eye looking ghostlike white in certain areas and not there in others and then in my fields where I can see my hand looks olive skin color. So in the central area it is almost colorless. When I look at a playing card it is also white. If I put a black object I believe it is black. I am just wondering if that central vision has both the RP visual field loss and cataract that are being worked on. "I looked in my toiletry case to find the hot pink cap to my toothbrush and I saw it through the plastic ..."
    5.1.16 Today I saw something on the floor and it was a vitamin capsule that contrasted with the white tiled floor. Yesterday I saw the number 2010 on a building and then when I walked by at dusk I could still see it.
    5.3.16 I noticed after missing a couple of days (2 in a row) of putting my castor oil in my eye, it seems my central vision is becoming more clear in certain parts. It is almost ghostlike things I can see up close. Today I decided to look straight ahead and focus in the middle. Normally I do not because I see nothing, but today when an object was up close I saw something of it. I looked in the mirror up close and in the center and normally I see just black nothing and now I am seeing parts of my face and the black nothing is much smaller. I am focusing on looking at things in my central vision and then pulling away and trying to hold it. I am so grateful. Looking forward to those glasses (Google Glass-based system) and hope I can watch some movies from there and see better. "... normally I see just black nothing and now I am seeing parts of my face"
    5.4.16 I am crying as I write this. I looked at my black flip flops and I could see the sparkly colors on them up close and then I decided to look at my earring box and in them I could see up close the different color earrings. The orange, brown, ones that Dani gave me I could see up close clearly and the ones my Mom gave me I could see the colorings. And tonight when I went to the elevator I saw the floor is not a solid color but has squares in it.
    5.5.16 I just looked at my pink bandana and under good lighting I saw it had striped multicolors, thin lines on it when looking close up. When I went for my walk today I saw more windows on buildings and different shapes on the buildings. I saw a sign in the parking lot, I saw the man in black on the yellow triangle sign clearly, I saw a new sign near the bus stop on my usual route but could not read it but never even noticed before that there was a sign there. At the beach, I saw a garbage can and noticed it was blue. I saw another white object pass in the ocean which I am assuming it was a boat.
    5.7.16 Last night I was sitting at a restaurant while it was still light out and I saw a medium-sized dog on a diagonal table about 2 tables away on a contrasted sidewalk and I could see its ears and which way it was turning to face.
    5.9.16 During my Mozart exercises I am seeing the green in the part where white lines are flashing and there are blue squiggles in the background for the first time. I am seeing more colors in clips including greens. I could see Christina Aguilera's big bright red lips on TV tonight. I never see facial hair, and the other night I saw a friend had a beard. "I could see Christina Aguilera's big bright red lips on TV tonight"
    5.11.16 Saw more words on buildings but could not read them. I saw the handicap sign on a DME store. It was a large sign I had never seen before. Felt like a great day.
    5.12.16 Today I am very frustrated. Very static today and it seems maybe my central vision is vibrating more and trying to see so I am trying to relax my eyes and not focus on the halo. Last night I turned my lights off and I could see my white sheet. I thought maybe light was coming in from the window but I did not see any. My brain is adjusting.
    5.13.16 Today I am seeing really good. The traffic lights looked crisper in the air. I saw the eyehole in my front door when I was in the dark hallway and it was light outside. I caught it in my right upper halo and when I moved my head I lost it. I saw Kevin's face more. At dinner, outside with lighting at night, I was able to see part of Erica's face and the shape of the side of her nose. It seems like my central vision has two parts, one which is trying to grasp the image and the other is seeing an object as a dark spot but slight contrast to it.
    5.14.16 Blurry day.
    5.15.16 Today was very clear. I saw a satellite dish across 14th on the top of the 5 story building. I saw the buildings by the beach way more clear. I read more signs. I saw the shadow of a bird fly over the ocean with my left eye.
    5.16.16 I saw the palm fronds on the palm tree in good lighting in central, the silhouette and not the whole thing.
    5.18.16 I saw Dr. Buck in the evening.
    During the day everything felt like black and white. It was a very overcast day. I was able to see a white van on Biscayne Blvd. from inside the building where I work. I also noticed for the first time the suite numbers and some info in white on the glass windows where I work. I saw more details on buildings on the way over to Dr. Buck. After the evening session, I was able to see from his building the fluorescent lights on in a store across the street as it was getting dark, as well as something with blue light. My eyes caught the fire alarm up on my ceiling tonight. And as I was passing my very lighted dresser I saw the blue sports bra under the black ones. I feel in the past week I may be adjusting to the central vision coming in and my brain is trying to manage but if I focus on peripheral I can sometimes see better.
    5.19.16 Today is clearer in general and as well as at darker times. I started back looking at the color paper and I noticed if I put the paper in my left halo I can see the color fine but in my central vision it is very challenging and mostly I am wrong. So I am going from halo to central and the easier ones to see is blue and yellow which were the two colors I first started seeing best and the red is very poor. I can see red in the left halo and when I bring it central it is black, just a dark silhouette.
    5.20.16 Friday clear in general. Started working more with the colored papers and I notice the best I can see is in my left halo and I bring it over to the center. The lighter colors turn whiter and have some idea of its color but the darker red, blue, purple basically turn black in the center view.
    5.21.16 From the elevator walking to my door I could see out of my right halo there was something in front of my door and it was a big box package when I got there.
    5.22.16 Sunday I could see the I-95 overpass out of my right halo coming up from a block away. I have not seen that in years.
    5.29.16 I could see at night the outline of the windows that are buy the elevators from the parking lot as well as the balcony columns on the rails from the lights on the building. In my apartment I could see from standing up and looking at the floor the squares on my tiles and I thought it was solid white. In general it feels like my night vision is brighter.
    5.30.16 Definitely more detail on the buildings outside my apartment. I can also see windows on the side when I am in the parking lot I did not notice from that angle before. Things are catching more in my peripheral. I saw the alarm circle on the wall near my front door in the breezeway. I noticed in my peripheral a picture taped inside a door in my dark wood cabinet. I saw the word premiere on the building I always drive by for the first time.
    5.30.16 I got the VR glasses to work on my iphone with the help of my friend. Still working out the details to understand how to use it but it is much more user friendly.
    5.31.16 I saw Dr. Buck and got homeopathic shots. I saw the second color on a pillow I use at work. Just catching more in my peripheral. Today is a clearer day for detail.
    6.1.16 Today is another good vision day. I get a lot out of the injections. More clear.
    6.2.16 Today was another clear herb day. When I was getting my hair done at the salon I can see my head in the mirror and also tell where my eyes and nose were in my halo. In the center at least I saw something in there. At home I looked in the mirror I can faintly see the highlights in the front part of my hair in my halo tonight. Thursday night I am doing castor oil and drops in eyes.
    6.3.16 Another much clearer day. I saw the numbers in the big van in Topps when you walk in the van.
    6.4.16 Today was a clear day. Saturday night castor oil in eyes for 3rd night.
    6.5.16 Today is a blurry day with lots of flickering in the middle. Sunday night 4th castor oil in eye. Sunday added London homeopathics.
    6.6.16 Today seems like my central vision is coming in more, but blurry in general.
    Saturday, 6.11.16 Tuesday and Wednesday June 7 and 8 were blurry. Thursday June 11 in the evening was clearer. Thursday started castor oil. Friday castor oil eyes and castor pack. Friday and Saturday blurry. Saturday took muscle relaxer with upper left side back pain.
    6.12.16 Blurry, did castor oil.
    6.13.16 - Monday Blurry prior to seeing Dr. Campbell. Homeopathic shots Monday. Monday after shots more clear. I saw the square black tiles on the wall next to the door on Dr. Buck's office building.
    6.14.16 More clear today and crisp. Tuesday night looking at the new file of squares on different color backgrounds eye exercise, and I can see the flickering of my eyes work more for black stick turning 360 on white background.
    6.15.16 Everything is clearer and standing in my kitchen I saw what looked like a tree and I normally see it from my sliding glass door only. I also saw a large lightning bolt in the sky.
    6.16.16 Today is the clearest it has been in a while and probably the most. My halo is catching colors better and I saw more new detail on my building. I saw lines running down, 2 lines on a large column, and when I went to go feel it it was where the column comes out about 6 inches and I saw this from my parking space where my dog uses bathroom every morning. Also, when I do my color papers, I am seeing the color better in the center.
    6.17.16 During an eye exam today I was told I had no inflammation in the macula which is the part of the retina that would normally have inflammation.
    Friday, 6.18.16 Today I have significant gains. I am seeing the Mozart the clearest I have ever seen it. The spaghetti I saw two colors in one of the shots where I normally only see blue. Also, there were just more colors I had not seen before in different frames. I was able to see this Pegasus from the road in Gulfstream. There is so much more detail on the buildings. Also, I caught some really tiny lines on a screen in a part of my field. I was able to catch some letters on the firebox outside my place that never got my attention before. I am able to see more of the black 360 rotating stick on white background for the eye exercise file which is the only one I have been focusing on thus far. This is so exciting and I am so grateful for your enthusiasm and dedication. "Today I have significant gains. I am seeing the Mozart the clearest I have ever seen it. "
    Monday, 6.20.16 After having the "Korean" points done 2 days ago, even more clear today. I think when I was looking through the center I could see part of the right side of my nose in the mirror without shifting my eyes. Also, the purple bolster that is leaning against the couch caught my eye when I walked by towards the kitchen. More detail on buildings. The black line rotating 360 I am almost seeing all of it on the left side and it gets a lot shorter on the right especially at 3:00 to 6:00 and a white space in the center.
    Monday, 6.27.16 Last time I used castor oil was 6.12.16. I was out of town since Wednesday and when I returned last night, Sunday, my Mozart was about the same as well as my color paper and playing cards. This morning feels a bit blurry. Today the 360 black line is about the same. I see Dr. Campbell today.
    Friday, 7.1.16 Kevin did Korean acupuncture points.
    Saturday, 7.2.16 Felt my vision was a bit clearer. Saturday night: Put castor oil drops in my eyes.
    Sunday, 7.3.16 Eyes felt blurry in the morning as they normally do after castor oil eye drops. Starting to not feel very good, and my neck is hurting. Had Shelly work on my retina, liver, gall bladder and neck. Noticed a difference in my vision in about one hour; Later, I could see the plants more clearly on my balcony. I did not wear glasses or contacts to the beach, and for the first time on the beach I saw that the balls on the floor said Hallandale. I could not see the whole word all at once, but I could see about 4 letters at a time. "I did not wear glasses or contacts to the beach, and for the first time ... I saw that the balls on the floor said Hallandale."
    Monday through Thursday (7.4.16 to 7.7.16) I was very sick with sinus congestion, headaches and fever on Monday and Tuesday night. My vision was very blurry and my head and eyes were puffy. I continued to do homeopathic drops once daily only, and then by Wednesday I went back to multiple times. I stopped taking all herbs I am normally on since Monday, and I am still not taking my normal herbs until I feel better. I did the castor oil eye drops on Thursday night. On Thursday my vision was getting better and has been continuing to improve as of today (Saturday), but not quite back to where it was. I am still at home resting and no activities outside of the house as I am still tired and slightly congested. On Thursday I had an acupuncture session for my illness and was given herbs. By Thursday evening I felt the turnaround of feeling better.
    Saturday, 7.9.16 I did some eye exercises including the Mozart and it just lacked the vivid coloring I normally see. Today Saturday I did the video exercise with the 360 black line that turns and from 9:00 to 6:00 I noticed there is more missing than in the past and just not as vivid today. Saturday night,I used the castor oil drops the second time for the week.
    Sunday and Monday Vision slightly better but not where I was before.
    Tuesday, 7.12.16 Kevin did Korean acupuncture points and things are a bit brighter. Started IPlex, taking only 2 a day.
    Wednesday, July 13 through Saturday, July 16 Out of town to Gainesville, very relaxed but bringing up lots of phlegm.
    Sunday, July 17 Started IPlex, 4 pills a day. Sunday night, castor oil drops in eyes.
    Monday, July 18 In the morning, vision finally back to what I considered my best from the past, prior to my respiratory illness. Monday got homeopathic shots in stomach points, in ankle and GB1 and Korean eye points per Dr. Buck, not his usual protocol. When I left, I saw from the sidewalk the 8110 on the top of the office door in one shot, but not the 18110 all at once. But pretty sure I had not noticed that before.
    Tuesday, July 19 A blurry day, Mozart just not as crisp.
    Wednesday, 7.20.16 Feel I am seeing so much clearer today. I can just see brighter and a bit more in the field with more clarity. I can see letters on stores but not really read them. When driving up to Nordstrom Rack I could see rack when we were right under the sign and I have never even seen letters there before. I could not see the whole word "rack" at the same time.
    Friday, July 22 An overcast but clear day. I think low humidity and it was a clear day. While driving on the bus I could catch more detail while looking at buildings very close at stop lights, and if lit up part of the word Sale.
    Saturday, July 23 I am seeing the light post that is near the sidewalk from my building and I have not seen that before. I saw more "design" of the grass in the back courtyard. I also saw more detail on the first floor across from the shuffleboard court. I saw the air conditioners from my 3rd floor to the building across the street on the 300 building. "... I have not seen that before ... From my 3rd floor I saw the air conditioners on the building across the street ..."
    Sunday, July 24 A good day, and seeing clear even though it is an overcast day but it is clear and low humidity. However, in dim lighting I walked into a white pole against a whitish background at my Mom's house. My morning Mozart was very clear today. Sunday night, put castor oil drops in my eyes.
    Thursday 8.4.16 Not very clear today and had a right side HA and jaw pain at night that went away with taking homeopathic for stress. Thursday early afternoon had Korean points with Kevin and he kept in for about an hour.
    Friday 8.5.16 A good clear day. Seeing more in a frame. I saw the AC on top of the building across the street including the 3rd set which I had never noticed before. Also, a bit more detail of a door on the first floor of the building across vs just a dark space. Not much detail but a change. In the hallway downstairs it was not as bright as it was Tuesday night but Tuesday night I had been sitting in the dark for an hour on the bus and that made a difference as to why the hallway must have been so bright. I also caught out of the corner of my eye someone walking in the parking lot. Last night I saw the enlarged zoom text arrow on my computer is yellow and not white out of my halo. In the doughnut hole it looks white and never noticed yet that it is yellow. I sometimes wear glasses /contacts which mainly effects my left eye and that makes a difference in clarity so I will try to write when I am wearing correction in my log.
    Saturday 8.6.16 Did not feel very good so vision was fair. At night started working with uno cards and did Mozart and color paper.
    8.7.16 Sunday Seems clear again today. Color seems like it is getting back to when it was more vibrant. Easier for contrast. Wore contacts I was able to read store hours while standing in front of a restaurant. It was on the door in white. Sunday castor oil.
    8.8.16 Monday Woke up with a headache today, so not so clear and a super rainy day.
    8.9.16 I wanted you to know I did magnets last night Monday and I watched my Mozart and Bach video and it was very clear the best it has been and again tonight even more clear! I also watched a video in my glasses for virtual reality that was a music video and it was so much clearer than two months ago. Way more detail. Also today I noticed I can just see more on the apartment building at one time and things are just clearer in general.
    8.11.16 Thursday woke up pretty clear. Can see more of myself in the mirror like half of one thigh at a time. Saw Kevin for Korean acupuncture. Before I went in for treatment, I noticed for the first time there was a sign on the top of his building. After treatment, I had a noticeably great improvement. I could almost read the sign on his building, and I saw that the sign on the building across the street was in yellow and said body shop or bike shop, and I could see the design on the seats in the bus from 2 feet away like after the last treatment and clearer than a couple of days ago. Stop Sign I could also read below a stop sign; it said 4 ways. I saw it from the large bus I was in so it was at eye level. I just saw everything more crisp and more in my field.
    Monday 9.5.16 Vision is blurry as it rained and high humidity. The black line is getting better on the 360 turning which is what I expected
    Tuesday 9.6.16 Very clear day. In the evening I saw the clock the clearest in my central vision. It is black and white and I see its shape very blurry. I also saw in the afternoon the buildings on the beach with more detail of the window shapes. Tonight I shook the playing cards in my central field and the black spades came a bit into focus and I could keep it for a second when I stilled the car. More success with the black cards than with red diamonds. Did the tens twice this morning.
    9.7.16 Wednesday Was a bit blurry from castor oil in morning. Thursday At night in the elevator I saw a friend's face better in the middle and he looked like Casper with no details. Friday More clear especially the middle part getting better. Saturday The most clear. I was able to see people's hair better and someone had a moustache at the firehouse when they were up close and I could see head movements. Saturday night castor oil.Sunday morning blurry Sunday Had TJ do Gail protocol for first time. Lots of work at cricoid to neck and brain connection to sphenoid.
    Monday 9.12.16 Very rainy day. Not seeing great outside.
    Tuesday 9.13.16 I felt blurry but was able to see the car wash sign and part of the Chevron sign for the first time from the vehicle on Atlantic shore and US1 and the Walgreens on Oakland.
    Wednesday 9.14.16 Clear day. At night did magnets with VR goggles and did eye exercises and middle black and white getting more black from the cards. Almost no color especially green in my central with my Uno cards. Easier to see yellow and blue but not great in my center. Castor oil drops tonight.
    9.16.16 Friday morning will be my last micro current as I will give the machine to my sister. Plan to focus on eye exercises. Been doing sun exercises pretty much every morning when I take my dog to the bathroom. MicroStim still twice in the morning in a row and twice in the evening as each is about five minutes.
    Monday through Sunday 9.25.16 Focused on looking at card and keeping the black symbols in the black playing cards in my right eye center vision.
    9.26.16 Went to Dr. Campbell, got injections and needles and started working with fans and colored crumpled paper across white and red poster exercises. After treatment the black symbols on the playing cards seemed to be more symbols.
    9.29.16 Thursday had TJ do brain work and felt very blurry before and after. Did castor oil Thursday night
    Friday 9.30.16 Felt blurry and right eye boggy. After NM4 class working on trigeminal and in particular V1 opthalmic branches that evening, did not feel boggy in right eye and felt clear.
    Saturday 10.1.16 In NM4 class did optic nerves. That night in the mirror at the hotel I saw my expression lines on my forehead and when washing my face the white suds on my face.
    Sunday 10.2.16 Last day of NM4 cranial nerves and that night when I got home I was very tired but I noticed my vision was very clear. I could look on my 8 inch white board that has 5 magnetic letters that are different colors and I could see all the colors at the same time. Best ever for that. Sunday night started again with the micro stim unit and this time doing 20 minutes once a day. Sunday night castor oil.
    Tuesday 10.4.16 A little blurry in the morning from the castor oil and very tired all day. Vision more clear as day went on.
    10.31.16 I resumed Iplex on Monday 10.31.16 after being off of it for over a month. Yesterday, 11.6.16 I started taking the hong tea in my formula with Kevin that I take twice daily. Not sure the exact amount of hong tea I am taking as it is in the formula now.
    11.4.16 I had TJ do cranial work and next day Saturday felt like my vision was back to its baseline but lacking colors.
    11.6.16 I started taking the hong tea in my formula with Kevin that I take twice daily. Not sure the exact amount of hong tea I am taking as it is in the formula now.
    Monday 11.7.16 Had been pretty blurry for past 2-3 weeks. Not doing the exercises as much and going through some emotional stuff. And focusing on recovery.
    Today, 11.7.16 I am going to start taking 4 Iplex twice daily. I continue to take Bil Lutein twice daily each time 2 tablets. I am starting to flush my eyes with the water with oil formula Dr. Buck gave me today. About two weeks ago I had put some castor oil in my homeopathics, so Dr. Buck gave me a version of a new homeopathic with limited ingredients until the next shipment comes in. In today's treatment he injected subdermal ( just underneath the scalp) in the areas of the Thalamus and visual cortex and I am noticing more clarity and I saw some green on my credit card which I had not noticed before.
    11.8.16 I am noticing more color and doing more of my exercises.
    Wednesday 11.9.16 Monday night I did castor oil so Tuesday was a bit blurry but I did my exercises. When I woke up this morning, immediately I saw colors were more vibrant. I feel like I am almost back if not back to where colors were most vibrant for me before. I already did my Mozart 20 minute exercises.

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