Patient B

Patient B's Log (12 months) - Began Dr. Campbell's protocol in October 2015


First visit to Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Hey Dr. Buck, yesterday you showed me the technique to close my eyes and visualize the color pink and open my eyes and look. Well today I did it with a red paper and when I opened my eyes I saw a bright red flash appear. It only appeared in a little area of the paper. The whole paper did not light up only one small area. This was an improvement because before I needed to have the blue paper to draw the red color and I did not have the blue as a helper.


I slept with the patches overnight for about 5 hours, then that morning I viewed the video and it seemed that I was able to tell there were more colors flashing even if I could not identify them. At least once I did identify the colors maroon and mustard yellow. At night when I looked either at the red traffic light or red lights on a car or a red neon sign I noticed that sometimes the red appeared to be deeper and with more color. The second night I was able to keep the patch on for about half an hour. I did not notice any changes. I needed to throw the patches away because they lost some of their stickiness.


I noticed that my vision has gotten a little brighter more so in my right eye, which is my better eye. Also, several times within this week I was experiencing seeing the floating elongating sparks. A couple of times this week I had mild headaches.


Hey Dr. Buck, yesterday you did the injections and started me on an herb. Last night I was very tired and after taking the herbs I felt tingling in the feet and a very mild itchiness in the hands but, it did not last very long. This morning I moved my eyebrows up and down and by tilting my head was able to slightly see the movement of the right brow. I am still experiencing the firing of the squiggly lines.


Before I needed to look with both eyes in order to make out the numbers on the black cards. If I closed one eye and tried to look with the other eye everything was blurred. When I relax and slightly blink or shake the card a little, it helps me to focus. The other technique that really helped was looking at the card upside down especially for the A, K, 6, and the number 10. Now I am able to look with my right eye and am able to make out the black cards, sometimes I see them a little crisper than other times.
This is huge, today I was shocked that with the left eye I was slightly seeing the A, K, and 10.

How cool is that!

"This is huge ... How cool is that!"


Tonight I looked in the mirror and noticed that my lips looked a little more clear. The other day when I smiled I could not see any teeth, but tonight I saw the white of my teeth. The more I closed my teeth and opened them the whiter my teeth appeared. Thanks for the hope that I may see my face clearly one day.


Because of the trauma I have had from my father's health my brain has been exhausted. On the other hand, since you have started me with the little herb pills and new eye drops along with using the new water I have noticed a little more brightness in my left eye. Today I looked at the cards and with both eyes having to shift only a little bit was able to make out some of the cards and also saw the club and spade a little clearer. The other day I was at my sister's house and practiced the colors on her monitor and some colors appeared with more clarity.


Hi Dr. Buck, 3 days ago you did new injectables and today I am noticing slightly more brightness to my eye area when looking in the mirror at my face. The rest of my features are still very blurred but are staying stable. Thank you for all you are doing


Yesterday while viewing the color video I was able to capture 3 flashes of blue. In the past when I noticed blue it has been a shade of baby to powder blue that I would question it, but this time the blue had a lot more color and brightness. The colors flash so quickly but today I think I saw the blue one time.


Tonight when I was at my parents' house I was walking through a very dark room and I couldn't believe that I was able to see a cream colored banister. I have always been night blind so, I do not know what it is to see in the dark. I called my mother to the room and asked her if the room was dark. She said there were no lights in the room, only a small light coming from the next room over that was not even on the area that I saw the banister. This was wild because I always wondered what it was like for someone to see in the dark and tonight I had my first experience seeing something. Also, today is exactly 6 months from my first session on October 6, 2015.
God Bless.

"This was wild because I always wondered what it was like for someone to see in the dark and tonight I had my first experience"


My vision on a sunny day used to look as if I was in a fuzzy fog. Now I am seeing that contrast is coming back.


I see that my sight has been getting a little lighter in darker rooms of my house. For example, on one of my white walls I could tell that there was a frame hanging on it. So, I saw the contrast even though the room was fairly dark. Also, on the red suit of cards I am starting to see numbers and letters. As far as the suit itself although not able to see the red, the color sometimes is darker and not so pale.


I hope this helps.

In practicing with focusing on the corner of the different colors the following is how I am seeing:
Looking with the Black on top of the White is the best, then Black on top of the Vanilla, then Black on Gray.
Looking with gray: on the top of black is the best, then gray on white, then gray on vanilla.
Looking with white: on top of black is the best, then white on the gray, but the white on vanilla I barely see the contrast let alone see the corner.

Looking with vanilla: on top of the black is the best, then vanilla on gray, but vanilla on top of white I can only slightly notice there is a contrast and looking close up I can find the vanilla corner.


I told you that when practicing looking at the corner of the paper the most difficult is having the white paper on top of the vanilla color. It is slightly easier to see the vanilla on top of the white although I can only see the bottom part of the color, I am missing the vertical line as well as the corner. As I said I was going to try to place the black paper on top of a dark color to see if I saw contrast. I used the black paper on top of a bluish purple paper and could barely see the edges, but when placing the bluish purple paper on top of the black I could make out more of the edges.

I tried the eye exercise in the sun. I did not see any colors. All I could tell by closing my eyes while facing the sun is light perception. My eyes teared a lot.


Hi Dr. Buck,

Thursday you gave me new injections and that night I stopped the castor oil at night. So not doing the Castor oil for 2 nights I was not sure if there was a difference. Today I was at the pool bathing in the sun, looked over at my sister and I could see the bridge of her nose. As I walked around the pool I could notice there were objects around where the sun was too bright and drowned out my vision.
When I got home I looked in the mirror to smile and saw the white of my teeth more and my eye brows as I moved them up and down a little more. I was very excited. Forgot to mention I did the eye exercises in the sun a few times. I believe the sun makes a difference.


Hi Dr. Buck, I was very excited when practicing my color video. Today I caught a bright white behind the butterfly that I had never seen before and a beautiful orange. I also got a few flashes of blue.


I went through the different eye exercises. The only two I could really follow were the numbers and the lines but once the number was drawn one time on the screen it stopped, it did not continue like it did in your office. The hardest of the lines test is the black growing line with white background. I would see it and then lose it as it grew.


Today has been 5 nights off the castor oil and although I still have blurriness I do like that some days the numbers have been more crisp. This judgment is made only with my right eye because I am not yet able to identify cards with my left eye. Today I noticed when working with the black slanted line over white that it is easier to follow when it starts on the bottom right going up towards the left. Starting from the left going up towards the right it is very difficult to follow because before I know it, it has already appeared up at the top. So, there is that blind area from my left eye that does not catch the starting of the line.


Hey Doc, after you did the injections yesterday I did not notice any change today. Although, I did get a few sparks today. When practicing the black lines on top of the white background whether pivoting in movement or growing in length I was able to hold on longer in my blind spots. These are great exercises.


I was at my parents' pool today and when I reached to grab the railing I saw it like I had not seen it in a very long time. I stood there in awe and shock as my brain processed, "Yes, you are seeing it." The day was a mixture of bright sun at times and then again was overcast. The time I saw the railing it was sunny which typically would drown out my vision but in this case the sun shined on part of the railing more so I saw the silver better and the other part of the railing I could follow the whole shape.


Hi Doc, at 5:00 PM today I was driving in the car with my parents. It was very sunny, the car has tinted windows, and I was wearing sunglasses. For a while now, whenever I looked out the side window I would only see the contrast between the trees and everything else seemed light. Today I could tell that there were images. When my mom slowed down I pointed out 3 different poles. And although in the background I could not identify anything for sure, my brain was trying to make out other objects. This was pretty exciting because if I was walking on the street and close to the poles I could see these poles but it has been a very long time since I have been able to see an object from in the car.


Hey Doc, in the past you have asked me when I have noticed the sparks. I noticed them at all different times. I could be sitting or standing in my house, in the middle of a workout, right after a workout, outside, and even while riding in the car.


Hi Dr. Buck, last night I was walking through my parents' living room with the lights off and was looking down. My eyes caught an area of the floor that looked as if there was a dim light above. I was able to see the contrast of that part of the floor with the dark couch.

I had to call my mom into the room and see if there was any light dimmer above that area because they do exist in that room of my parents' house.

Fortunately they were not on, so that was definitely a first for that experience. Normally I would walk through and only see black. This is my second thing I have noticed for night vision and not ever seeing at night I had to question my mom because it is really hard for me to believe my eyes.

"... definitely a first for that experience. Normally I would walk through and only see black. This is the second thing I have noticed for night vision and not ever seeing at night I had to question my mom because it is really hard for me to believe my eyes."


Hi Dr. Buck, usually when my pastor walks to and from the pulpit I cannot follow him. Today I was able to do so. I would like to share something with you. Before starting to work with you I prayed to see if this type of treatment is what the Lord wanted me to pursue, and I feel that it is. I believe that He is going to use you in a great way and although my situation is more difficult to understand, it will happen on His timing.


This morning I was pleasantly surprised to look in the mirror and see the lining of my lips appear more crisp. Also, as I tilted my head side to side to look at my eyes the areas under my eyebrows are appearing a little lighter, more so on my left eye which is interesting since it is my worse eye. I also wanted to note that this improvement is after the fourth day of my treatment where you did eye drops, and acupuncture including two Korean points, and the new Herbal Formula too. I started back with the castor oil two times this week, and started the Tao Hong Si Wu Tang today.


On the fifth day after treatment and only one night of powder herb, my vision was more blurred. Also, last night I forgot to do the castor oil eye drops.


Sixth day after treatment. I did do the castor oil last night because I forgot it the night before. I have also been on the powder herb for a second day. Today, I feel that my vision is back to where it was when it improved on the fourth day of being treated.


Seventh day after being treated. I did not do castor oil last night. I have been on the powder herb for three days, and almost a week on the IPlex. Today my vision is a little more blurred than yesterday, and it is also a gloomier day.

Today you needled my sinus points, stomach 1, stomach 2, eyebrows and the outside of my ankles for the eyes, UB62. During this session, when I stretched my face to feel my sinus the right side was definitely loosened and not sore anymore. When practicing with the little red light, if I saw red it was with the right eye at about 5:00 and the red would only come in for a second.


It is now one day after the last session, and I have not noticed a difference. It is the fourth day of the powder herb. I also finished the herb bottle. I picked up a new herb bottle and will continue on it.


This is the fourth day since the last treatment, and I have not noticed a difference. I looked at the new video and just saw movements, not sure of any colors. I would like to view this video on my next appointment to see if I see any colors.
Vision was blurry in the morning and then became more clear.

Tuesday, July 26

Another clear day. I saw the black sprinkler in the grass. Waiting at the stoplight I read an address above a door and got 3 of 4 numbers correct. I have noticed in the past week when looking down the breezeway I am catching super blurry and at a distance in the central vision that there is a door at the end mainly a contrast in color is what I am seeing.

Wednesday, July 27

Good day. Feeling a silver layer clearer in middle. Saw more things on Mozart but not as clear as I normally do. Wednesday night castor oil.

Thursday, July 28

Looks clear and seeing more writing on store fronts; just cannot read what they say yet.
Thursday afternoon Kevin did Korean points.

Starting Tao hong si wu tang tea in the afternoon, 3grams twice a day and Kevin's herbs that I normally take in addition to this new formula - 3 grams twice a day.

Immediately after the Korean treatment I saw the bus I take daily - the seats had a pattern on them. I still had not taken the new tonic yet.

Friday, July 29

Stopped taking iodine, as I have been having hot flashes mainly at night for the last 4 or so weeks and sometimes in the afternoon.
Vision seems like the middle is trying to break through, so a bit blurry. I could see more details in the Mozart.

I started doing more of the colored paper exercises earlier in the week as I had not been doing them since I was sick, and it helps me to see color more. I had lost it since I was sick July 4 or even before that.

Saturday, July 30

Saturday was the best ever. At the beach I saw a low-flying black helicopter over the ocean near the shoreline, and from the shoreline (that was in the light blue water) I saw someone parachuting. I saw only the yellow parachute in the air, no other details of the person in the water.

I could read more on the buildings we were driving by. Nothing in detail, except the 'Goodyear' in yellow against a black wall.
I could see the color of my alphabet letters against a white background that I have in my kitchen.

"Saturday was the best ever. At the beach I saw a low-flying black helicopter over the ocean near the shoreline ... "

Sunday, July 31

A blurry day compared to Saturday. Sunday night I put in castor oil eye drops.

Still eating very well since July 4 when I got sick. I am doing no dairy, processed sugar or gluten to the best of my ability.
For the past 2 weeks or so, still waking up at 3:30 being very hot and my forehead sweating, even though I am keeping my condo colder than usual.

Monday, August 1

I can see letters on buildings but not read them quite yet; definitely a clear day. Also, on Saturday and today I am noticing I can look out my sliding glass door and see four windows at the same time. Parts may be missing, but all in one frame.

After I got injections from Dr. Campbell, on my way home I was sitting in the car at a stoplight and looked at a store window and thought it said OPEN. As I stared at it for about 10-20 seconds I realized it said COVE, and then I looked to the left and put it all together and realized it was Bagel Cove; so with my memory and vision I was able to put it together.

I notice that the colored paper works better for me to get color as I can pull the paper into my halo where I have more vision and then back to center where I have a little color, versus the Mozart video which is moving all over the place. This is good, but it does not pull in and out of my vision the way I can with the paper.

And I saw the wings of the Pegasus from Hallandale Beach for the first time. When sitting in the car, I also saw gas was $2.87 for the bottom price. The sign was on the sidewalk next to the window of the car.

Tuesday, 8.2.16

Felt rested in the morning for the first time in years. Also, when I put my black, navy, emerald green and turquoise dresses up against each other I could see the contrast and color differences!

Another good, clear day. At night the lights looked brighter in my downstairs hallway and in my kitchen. Catching things in my peripheral vision. Seeing more detail in the patio chair.

"... when I put my black, navy, emerald green and turquoise dresses up against each other I could see the contrast and color differences!"

Wednesday, 8.3.16

Another clear day.

Feeling rested in the morning. Dropped a pen cap and quickly scanned the floor and saw it. Still cannot see the 300 from my parking space but it is getting clearer. I am catching my dog's eyes more, which are dark against her yellow coat. I am seeing the holes in my nostrils for the past week as well. In the last few days catching more of my smile in the mirror out of my halo, about ¾ of the smile at a time.


After receiving my acupuncture treatment, I was able to see the cotton ball in its bright white color.


Today I used the virtual reality goggles and on the Mozart video I saw orange and blue. Today is the first day I used the Far infrared sauna.


I could see my lips and nose more clearly today.


When practicing with the cotton ball, I would do fast small circles to stimulate my central vision and I saw the bright white of the cotton ball, but as soon as I stopped the movement, the white held for a second then dimmed out like a dimmer light.


Today I walked next to a car and identified the color grey.


When I used the electrical pads on my eyes I saw sparks.


This morning I woke up with phlegm.


I am now able to tell where the wall switch is, before it would blend in with the white wall.

"I am now able to tell where the wall switch is. Before, it would blend in with the white wall!"


Yesterday you worked on my sinuses and did injections. Usually if I notice a change it takes about 4 days. This afternoon I made a fan with the paper you gave me and moved it around to work on seeing the creases.

Tonight I was sitting in a dark room with my computer on and when I looked down I kind of was able to tell where the roll of white paper you gave me was; for the most part I was able to reach down and grab it, but sometimes I was a little off on my perception. If I moved it in front of my face I was able to see it a little.


Tonight I looked in the mirror and saw the shadow of my cheek lines.


Today was a really, really great day. It has been a great week since the last injections.

It is 5 days since my last treatment and the day is very sunny with no humidity. My surroundings were less foggy and I was able to see the railing walking up a ramp from where the wall was.

While I was in the ocean I could tell see some of my husband's features, standing on the sidewalk looking across the street I could tell some of the different floors of the building, and when driving in the car usually it is very difficult to see a car driving by, but I was able to see them passing much easier.

Finally, when crossing on a crosswalk I was also able to see the lines on the ground better.

"Today was a really, really great day. It has been a great week since the last injections!"


Today was not good at all. It rained all day and had a lot of humidity. My vision was very distorted.


Today is a very sunny day but with a lot of humidity. I was still able to tell some of my facial features while looking in the mirror but they were more blurred today.

I took a walk in the neighborhood and from different halos caught some poles and a large white round lamp light.
My husband walked me up to a beige electrical box with dark writing and from about 6 inches away I was able to make out some letters and numbers.

When I tried to point out what I was seeing my perception was off but I still made them out correctly. Maybe the perception is off because of the parts of the halos where I am getting some vision.

It seems that every day I am seeing sparks. They do not happen at any particular time.


I stood 6 inches from the TV and was able to point out a person's face. I saw one ear as they turned their head.


I found out something interesting today while working with the paper. When practicing with the paper made into a fan, the creases on the paper were much more noticeable when turning the fan horizontally. When holding it vertical I could still make out some creases, but they were not as noticeable.


This week was the fourth week in a row for the injections. It is the third day since the last injection and my vision is less foggy.
Two weeks ago while watching TV, I was able to make out where a person's face was and saw an eyebrow. Today while watching TV, I located a face and was able to tell on some people their eyebrows and on one of them the eyelids so well that her brows and her eyes were clear and when she shifted her eyes I caught the white of her eye. Finally, I made out where her nose and lips were. Woohoo! This made my day.


Started using the electrical microcurrent machine and it is the second day I have used it. Today while sitting in the sauna which was dark, I put my hand in front of my face and spread out my fingers and was able to make out where my fingers were.


I just wanted to note that although I used the microcurrent machine for 2 weeks and had improvement, I took the next 2 weeks off and I continued to have improvement before I started on a second set of 2 weeks with the machine.


Had injections and it seemed as if the room appeared brighter. I was tested with cotton balls on the green board before and after injections, and found the half-inch cotton ball in an area I could not find before the injections.


I was able to see the turquoise that was on a brown curtain and I held the color in my vision for a while. I did not fatigue quickly.


I created this based on our last session. I figured that if I printed it out and put it under my visual tech, which is the machine that magnifies things for me, that I would be able to practice what we worked on during the last session.
What do you think?

Artichoke ARTICHOKE banana BANANA carrot CARROT dill DILL eggs EGGS fennel FENNEL grapes GRAPES horseradish HORSERADISH ice plant ICE PLANT jackfruit JACKFRUIT kale KALE lemon LEMON mushroom MUSHROOM nectarine NECTARINE okra OKRA papaya PAPAYA quick Quick radish RADISH spinach SPINACH tomato TOMATO upland cress UPLAND CRESS vowel VOWEL watermelon WATERMELON x-ray X-RAY yams YAMS zucchini

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