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Herbal Pearl Shop:
Personal Care Products by Dr. Buck

Each Herbal Pearl soap bar weighs approximately four ounces before curing. Due to the nature of the handcrafting process, sizes, colors and shapes may vary.

Herbal Pearl Skin Renew Soap and Hair Renew Soap are completely natural products with no synthetic hardeners, and they work best when applied directly to wet skin or hair. With just a little care, each of your handmade soaps will last for a long time.

  1. Don't let them drown in water.

  2. Feed them plenty of fresh air between uses.

  3. Use a well-drained soap dish to keep them dry.

Herbal Pearl Skin Renew and Hair Renew Oil are completely compatible with their respective soaps. The oils are applied after cleansing with the soaps, and are rapidly absorbed by the body to ensure the continued beneficial effects on your skin and hair throughout the day.


The special ingredients in Herbal Pearl are all natural, and all of the materials used for packaging are reuseable, recyclable and fully biodegradable.

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