Testimonials (Vision Restoration)

"A Dream Come True"

In July of last year, after 31 years of suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa, all I could see was white.

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, I must have been approximately 60 feet from the stage at my son's graduation. It was a great day because I was able to see him walk across the stage and receive his high school diploma.
Thank you for making my dream come true.

- Vickie / June 2016


My name is Vickie Lopez. I am a 42-year-old white Hispanic female, and I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at age eleven.

I grew up knowing that RP was part of my life experiences, meaning I had no peripheral vision. I was not allowed to play any ball sports at school due to possible injury. Later in life I learned to drive only in the daylight hours because I had no night vision, additionally, never drive on a rainy day, and find other means of transportation if I had to work late. The only other medical history I was concerned about was living with migraines since the age of fifteen. In May 2007 I was told that I was at risk to be on the road as a driver, I had just purchased a brand new car with zero miles two weeks prior to that doctor's visit. I was advised to attend blind school for vocational rehab skills. I ignored the doctor's advice based on the fact that I could still see, not great but I could still see faces and see the computer well enough to get by. In September 2008 I decided to attend the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. By this time, I had walked into glass doors and noticed that I was irritable in new places and was not enjoying my lifestyle of being visually impaired with no vocational skills. On October 14, 2008, I used a white cane for the first time.

Today we are in the month of December 2015 and I wish to share the facts and benefits of meeting Dr. Walter Campbell.

On July 11, 2015 I attended an acupuncture school clinic for my weekly session for treatment of migraines. My first encounter with Dr. Campbell: he asked why did I have a white stick. I explained, "I don't like you do". (I was thinking, "How don't you know I'm blind when you see me using a white cane?"). He proceeded to drill me with more questions ("What happened before you went blind, were you a sick child, did you have stomach problems growing up?"). I told Dr. Campbell that my health issue growing up was severe migraines. He asked more questions like did the pain start at your shoulders then move up your neck and did your brain feel like it was on fire? I replied yes to all these questions. (He asked me if I could see white.)

Dr. Campbell is elated and expresses "I think I can help you see again". At that moment in time I thought that he was KOOKY. I was there for my weekly migraine treatment. Note: I was raised always being told "You will go blind and there is nothing that Western medicine can do for you". I thought Dr. Campbell was sweet and compassionate but did not understand that I had Retinitis Pigmentosa.

My treatment on the first day included acupuncture needles around my eyes, feet, hands, and some were placed at the top of my head. I remember the sensation of feeling like I was under water and everything being moved and shifted, and I quickly closed my eyes because I thought I had seen the fluorescent light above my head. In my mind I thought I was hallucinating, I was scared to open my eyes again. Dr. Campbell had to coax me to open my eyes again and kept asking me, What do you see?" After getting past the thoughts racing in my mind I was able to explain that I could see the difference between the ceiling and the corners of the fluorescent lights above me.

I began to cry at the overwhelming sensation, "My God, this is real!" Dr. Campbell gave me a laundry list of things I needed to do to get my sight back. He explained that it could take six months to one year to walk again without a white cane, and I asked, "How long before I could drive again?"

The laundry list of things to do: nutrition included eating apples and carrots daily, eating liver (I have not touched organ meat in twenty-two years). I learned to eat liver and love it. I purchased a deck of playing cards, herbal tea was prescribed for increased function for my eyes, and I continued weekly acupuncture treatments specifically for my eyes.

My second treatment with Dr. Campbell was one week later and I was able to see my eyebrows in the mirror for the first time in eight years. Later that week at home, I was getting startled by shadows; I was beginning to see in daylight hours. By my third session we noticed I could finally see the color red in the deck of playing cards although I could not distinguish the shapes on the cards and I could not see the color black. I began to experience what is known as eye fatigue and brain fatigue.

By September 2015, finally, I see the color black on my playing cards, I can see the numbers in the corners, also I can recognize the shapes and how many are on the cards. At this point Dr. Campbell introduces homeopathic injections and eye drops into my treatment. In the month of September I remember also picking up depth perception. In October we began to experiment with identification of colors. By the beginning of November I began seeing colors again with an accuracy of about 60%. The color green in the month of November became my challenge, I had to learn the color green (remember, in order to drive you need to see the colors green, yellow and red). I even painted my nails forest green in order to practice daily seeing green.

Today December 22, 2015 I am learning how to recognize print and read all over again.

I can see the font size 26 pt. in bold text. Vickie Lopez.

I can now see color with 85 % accuracy, I can distinguish people's faces, I can even see people's body language. Close your eyes and imagine that six months ago I only saw white!!!

I never imagined that meeting who I thought to be a KOOKY doctor could ever give me back my sight!!!!

I will always be in your debt,
- Vickie Lopez

My experience with Acupuncture Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa

I am a 56-year-old woman with retinitis pigmentosa (RP). I have been advised that RP is a degenerative retinal disease, and that a person who has RP will eventually lose all vision and go blind.

At the age of 18, I had a retinal detachment in the left eye. After surgery in that eye, my vision never returned. I have only light perception in the left eye. My vision in the right eye was stable throughout the years until the age of 43. My peripheral vision was slowly degrading and all color vision was gone. I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and have seen only black and white for the past 13 years.

Dr. Campbell began treating me on December 9, 2015. After the first session, I was able to see the colors red, pink, orange, white and black. I was so excited and amazed. Also, I saw most of the letters, numbers and color symbols on a deck of playing cards.

On the second day of treatment I slowly noticed the creamy yellow tone of the exam room wall. The colors seemed to slowly come through. I started seeing violet, dark blue and even shiny silver.

When I returned home, I decided to test my color vision. I saw the green, orange, red and even gold with silver sparkles on the Christmas balls. Also, when I looked at the sky I asked my husband if it was a grey blue. He confirmed it. From my apartment balcony I noticed the boats docked in the marina. They were very blurry, but I could make out the direction they were facing. At night, I saw part of the bridge, lights and quick flashes of cars crossing.

I expect to continue treatment with Dr. Campbell and eventually hope to have functional and maybe independent mobility.

Rosa M. Sanchez
Ft. Myers, Florida
December 20, 2015


I am 77 years old and for most of my life I have suffered greatly with allergies, stuffy nose, teary eyes, excruciating headaches and congestion every EVERY DAY. In order to get any relief I took over the counter drugs many times 2 or 3 times a day. I drank hot tea [and] took hot showers which gave me very little relief. On March 13, 2015, I went to Dr Campbell's office and told him of my allergy and he gave me a mixture to use. I used it and continue to use it.


- Amos Irvin

Pain Relief

Dr. Walter Campbell is an outstanding Chinese Medicine Physician. He completely halted my pain on several occasions in one visit using acupuncture alone. He is kind, compassionate with patients and has an excellent bedside manner. I love watching him treat patients in his clinic. Their progress is truly remarkable. He was born to be a teacher and Healer.

- April Brader

Oriental Medicine

Dr. Campbell is an extraordinary doctor who combines every aspect of his heart, mind and soul with his incredible wisdom and knowledge to bring a person to healing. He is absolutely the best doctor of Chinese medicine in all of Florida.

- Karina Belkin

Very Thorough Evaluation

I came here with a few problems that I don't need to go into detail about, but Dr.Campbell did a very thorough evaluation and initial appointment. I was really surprised. He asked me all sorts of questions from sleeping habits to what I eat to where I go to school. It was very personal and not just the typical "What's wrong?", "OK, here's a prescription for that."

I saw him for a few months and then he told me that I didn't need to see him anymore. I received acupuncture at every appointment and he also did other holistic healing methods such as one with a hot (coal?) stick I believe. It was great as he targeted specific points on my body that coincide with different parts of my internal body. One time I came into his office with sore muscles and tension and he was not hesitant to say "Get up, I'm going to stretch you out", and he really did stretch muscles that were hard for me to stretch on my own. What regular "doctor" would do that?

He was funny and caring and had natural responses to any worries that I had about my body. He gave me Chinese herbs and remedies for the various concerns that I had, and they really worked.

I would definitely recommend Dr.Campbell to anyone who suffers from things ranging from small aches all the way to cancer. He does see various cancer patients and works with them to holistically treat things.

Melanie A.
Manhattan, NY
(via Yelp)

Diagnostic Specialist

Dr. Walter Campbell is one of the most fascinating physicians I have ever worked with. Most practitioners make their diagnosis based on a skillful dissection of the medical findings of their patients. "Buck" as we affectionately call him, is not just tremendously skillful, but seems to have an "x-ray vision like" ability to discern patients' ailments before he has even examined them. It is my true impression that Dr.Campbell has the ability to establish a final diagnosis, after thoroughly reviewing his findings, only to confirm what he already knew to be transparently visible. Dr. Walter "Buck" Campbell is simply remarkable.

- Giliane Montpeyroux


Dr. Campbell is "out of this world amazing" in every way. Doctor, friend, human. I've seen him do miracles with my own eyes. Many times!

- Cori MontRose

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